Week 12 Cards to Peptides to…my future!

It is amazing that everything that we do in life that is a great achievement seems to get pushed to the back of our consciousness and it is no one else doing the pushing but us.  I can’t believe how many things that I’ve forgotten about my path so far and how much work and commitment was involved.  Every time I get another memory the feelings of satisfaction increase.  When I focus on why it was so satisfying, it wasn’t the result or the accolades, it was the amount of work involved.  The work was the result of a conscious commitment and work was involved.  There was also a time constraint…usually imposed by some deadline that others created…but I agreed to nonetheless.

Now, I review these things daily and I can feel peptides coursing through me and moving me further ahead.  The new year looks quite bright.  I can’t wait for tomorrow as it offers me an additional today and some brand new “right nows” so I can make more promises that I keep.

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2 Responses to Week 12 Cards to Peptides to…my future!

  1. Keep that positive attitude going! It’s fabulous to hear! Steph 😀

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  2. Michael, when you express it, your positivity is like radioactivity that has only heart-warming effects – it’s infectious!


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