River of Dreams-Week 20

It seems like it’s been forever…I know, I haven’t made a post in a while.  Yes I know that it is a requirement.  Yes I know that I have no one else to blame.  Over the last several weeks I have been trying to remember the words from The River of Dreams.  In my job, I teach kids music.  I teach them to write it, to play it, to sing it…but really I haven’t taught them to appreciate it like I do in my own life.  I knew that I had a medley for Billy Joel tunes from the time that he had a Broadway Show called Movin’ Out.  Amazingly, the two songs included in this very short medley includes The River of Dreams and Keeping the Faith.

Although, Mark had talked so much about The River of Dreams…for me it is the first two lines of the song called Keeping the Faith.  It says

“It seems like I’ve been lost in let’s remember”

This is what keeps holding me back.  It is tied to emotions which I know is tied to thoughts, and I know that it is in my control.  My subby is killing me with this.  It’s time to keep the music playing that has a message for me.  Because…as Billy Joel says later on in the song…

“…the good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow’s not as bad as it seems.”

Bring on tomorrow!!

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1 Response to River of Dreams-Week 20

  1. Yesterday and tomorrow. Remember to live today!


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