Week 21 I recognize the garbage in the river…

I have now seen that I have been pretending that I have been moving forward.  I realize now, that the garbage is still knocking me off course.  Now, I measure every step.  I have index cards everywhere that the river runs.  The flood comes in every day.  I have warned myself about the garbage.

Identified items and behaviors…TV (Mark warned about this), Electronics at bedtime, (Mark warned about this), Thoughts in the past linked to emotions, (Law of Dual Thought and Watchman falling asleep at the gate), losing sight of the main thing (DMP), allowing to repeat mistakes (Not running the blueprint).

There is yet another song not heard by many that comes to mind here.

You get bumped and bruised or worse for choosing the road less traveled

You know the reward is great if persist through the darkest battles

Open your eyes, your prize is right before you somehow,

Whatever you do, just don’t miss now.

Don’t Miss Now, by Downhere.

It’s my choice to make everyday.

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