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Well, I have moved my Master Keys blog to a hosted blog.  I did not take advantage of the turnkey blog team and this is perhaps what has taken me longer.  I am still on the journey and I certainly care about the March to 3000.

I have purchased Master Key Arcana which is a book I found on Amazon that contains the lost chapters.  I have been reading this book…more like a book than the Og and Haanel read 3x a day plan.  This plus the fact that I didn’t get to join the continuation group right away will make it a different experience for me.  I have made commitments in my DMP to work with my daughter as part of a Mastermind Alliance and we have begun some projects together at the house.  This is great as both of us really need each other at this point.

I will be updating this blog and continuing to sing the praises of the Master Key Experience.  I will also include some of the changes that have taken place specifically because of this experience.

I hope that everyone’s journey brings them joy and please keep in touch.

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  1. Excellent. Sounds like you have a well established plan and I congratulate you. I have slid big time this week so time to create the plan and get back to it.. Peace be the journey. All the best with the house!


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