Short and Flip

Today, I tested a new Hot Key. It is the Stop and Reverse position. Essentially, this means that I get to a point and know or think I know that the stock will stop moving in a particular direction and catch the reversal. I wanted to go both ways on a rising devil. This means that I start with a short. I took it and made $198 then I reversed it and it continued down and I stopped out at break even. If I had waited a little longer, it would have reversed. I will examine later.

I took one 2000 share trade on a lower float and made $500+. This was successful but bad behavior. I ended the day with 31 tickets and up about $700. Glad I stopped. Still no word on my live account approval. Waiting is the hardest part.

About mmccausland2014

A retired music teacher. Living and learning in California.
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