About Me.

Disneyland, 2014

Disneyland, 2014

I am Michael McCausland.  I am a high school music teacher and have been for over 25 years.  I am married to Karen, another music teacher, yes, we met in college, and we are approaching our 30th wedding anniversary.  I have 2 children, fraternal twins, and my son and daughter couldn’t be much more different.  One thing that they have in common is that they have chosen very right brained lives.  My daughter is in the visual arts and my son is a musician.

In the coming years I want to grow my life beyond my little circle of influence.  For years I have been teaching kids and watching them go off in life and now, thanks in large part to Facebook, I can reconnect with these students and see what they have made of their lives.  Sometimes, they will tell me what a difference I made in their lives.  All too often though, it is unclear if I made a difference at all.

This is one of the things that attracted me to Network Marketing.  This subsequently attracted me to Mark J and this wonderful course.

In the next couple of years I will be retiring from my current position but in reality I look at it as a graduation.  I intend to relocate to Palm Springs, CA and continue in my role of educator, but in a less formal and more meaningful way.