An Interview in the Future

The following is an excerpt from a future interview with Darren Hardy on August 17, 2017.


Darren:  Today, I am honored to visit with Mr. Michael McCausland.  By now, you would have to be pretty disconnected to have not heard of this, uh…, not so young man.  At a time in life when most people are considering retirement, he set out upon a new and wonderful journey.  So first, what is your background and why the change?


Me: Thanks, Darren.  Like a lot of people, I lived a life that was designed and guided by influences in my life.  I scheduled classes in high school because my parents or guidance counselors told me it was a good idea.  I pursued college because my parents and guidance counselors told me that I needed to do it to get ahead in life.  I hadn’t achieved 18 years of age yet, and I was part of everybody else’s vision except my own.  After a year of “undeclared” status…and that is a title that I have held for far longer than the one year in college, I chose to major in a subject that I liked…and that was music. In the 1980’s, it was difficult for a musician to make a living doing what he/she loves…so I went into teaching.


After a very brief time in teaching, I began to develop a passion for students and worked feverishly hard to allow them to explore their talents and move forward in their lives. All the while, I was conscious of one thing, I was swimming upstream.


Darren: So what changed?


Me: Well, for most of my career, I was saying that I was teaching the students to be creative.  My business was rehearsing students to sing what was on the page to my satisfaction, to play what I told them to do, and to read their lines and perform as I rehearsed them.  It was in 2012 that I was challenged with the notion that what I did was really create an environment for the least creative atmosphere in the musical art.  I was creating and they were following.  Since then, I have created a course where students can create music, even if they have no experience in that medium.  The only way to create is to work at it.


Darren: Why is this important?


Me:  We live in an environment where the world is connected to each other without regard to location.  We know this because we are connected to the world through our phones and we consider it a world class distraction in schools.  Instead, we should be focusing on how this 21st century tool of our lives is, or should be, changing the entire curriculum relative to educating our youth.  You can’t change it from within…you have to go without.


Darren:  So what was your breakthrough moment?


Me:  In 2015, I became part of a movement called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  Here, instead of reading books written by Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino, I studied them.  I also studied them with the help of my classmates…or my alliance.  I learned how I had to learn to be in control of my own behaviors which were already given to me by an old blueprint that ran my life.  Reading the same passage 3x a day for a month makes you own the knowledge and it becomes part of a new blueprint.  This is how I learned to change my behaviors.


I learned to keep my promises…a major mantra introduced early on…

I learned to do it now and reduce the time from and idea to an action so that I don’t give up on it.

I learned to share my vision and develop new masterminds

I learned to eliminate my fears of talking to people about my dreams.


Daren: What were some of your most significant milestones?


In November of 2015, I began a weekly Periscope performance of a new song. This was evidence to the creativity muscle being flexed on a daily basis and showed the results.  I always shared at the beginning and the end of the importance of sharing one’s own creativity.


In November of 2015, I finally committed to my Network Marketing Business.  My business had expanded from an energy only company to a mobile and energy company.  I would contact 3 persons a day, and that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is far greater than 0 a day which I was accustomed to…and it yielded results.


In December of 2015, I combined my music with video animations created by my daughter.  In this true mastermind alliance, the team created even greater entertainment and began to get the attention of the public.


In March of 2016, after having published several videos with what appeared to be talking stuffed animals, our mastermind published and sold a “how to” guide for $1.99 with the goal of exploiting the “law of large numbers” and our current following. Revenues from that continue to come in.


In July of 2016, I published my first book on use of mobile phones called. “Who’s pulling the strings?”


In August of 2016, my income from my Network Marketing Company equalled my projected retirement income from my teaching position.


In September of 2016, my “voter’s Challenge” video became the most talked about youtube video of the year and I was interviewed by every major news outlet.


In December of 2016, I released my first Christmas ep.


In March of 2017, my income from my Network Marketing Company was double my retirement income.


In June of 2017, I graduated from my high school teaching position.

Darren:  Graduated?  What do you mean?


Me: Retirement seems like the end.  For me, it is a new beginning.  The businesses I’ve started, the relationships that I’ve nurtured, the intellectual property that has come from my own creative endeavors that have paired with some of the greatest minds on earth…the measure of their value is linked to the money that they have generated. The money is nice because it is simply a confirmation of the good work that I have done.  When we began our journey in the Master Keys, we were asked to identify our personal pivotal needs.  Mine were recognition for creative expression and helping others.  In Network Marketing, your value is determined to the extent that you help others achieve their goals.  In music and multimedia today, if you can cut through the noise of garbage clogging the airwaves and reach enough people so that you can make a living at what you do…then you have made a contribution to society.  These goals are in line with my personal pivotal needs.  This is why I get excited.  The key is to stay excited when involved because as we have heard over and over again…”thoughts that fire together, wire together”.


Darren: What is your wish for you and your loved ones?


Me: My only wish is that they determine to find out what their Dharma is in life.  I’ve finally found mine and it has led me on an incredible journey.  Certainly courses like the Master Mind Alliance will lead many more out of the molds of mediocrity and into a world of infinite possiblilites.


Darren:  When will you know that you’ve arrived?
Me:  That presupposes that I am not having so much fun on the ride that I even want to get off.  As long as I am in line with my personal pivotal needs and living my Dharma I stay on the ride.  Thanks for your time, Darren.