Week 11 Good Will to…

A disturbance in the force…

Sometimes I just get a bad feeling.  I don’t know where it comes from.  Probably it is because of the amount of negative news in the media.  It shouldn’t happen this time of year or for that matter at any time.  This is a little late for my blog entry.  I am currently listening to Mark talk about the 5 senses.  I know that it is important to work with this.  I have also been inspired to make a change in my own health habbits.

My reality really hasn’t changed in all areas but I am working on it.  I remember hearing that your subconscious has not defense against your own voice.  Now, I listen to myself throughout the day having read each chapter into my digital recorder of The Master Keys, The Scrolls, my Blueprint Builder and finally my DMP, adjusted this week to include a major focus on my health.

Additionally, I have purchased colored index cards.  I place on the green card my grattitude for the day so that I get to see it on the first thing in the morning. The Blue cards are my bliss cards.  The violet cards keep me on track in my job.  These all are activity promises.  It all starts with grattitude.

In keeping with Scroll 2, goodwill toward men begins with me.  If I am truly going to achieve my bliss, this idea cannot just be relegated to the Christmas season.

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Master Keys Week 10

Coming live from WordCampUs in Philadelphia.  Here, I am getting what I believe that I need.  I would like to make this post decorative and meaningful…but this is a boatload of information.  I am thrilled with the variety of topics even though I know that most of it is over my head…but in terms of my “bliss”, the networking has already been outstanding.  I’ve been able to share ideas with others and even clarify some of my own ideas.  People in attendance are a mix of techie nerds who work for other companies and people who have quit their jobs to follow their dreams.

One of my conversations at lunch today was with one of those gentlemen who are pursuing their dream.  I shared with him the impact of the reading in the Master Keys this week where we look at cause and how the world within is where it all begins…both positive and negative.  He shared with me some of his ideas on marketing and like it or not, we were masterminding and he didn’t even know it.

I am finding that there are more like minded people who believe in what I believe in than I had seen in the past or maybe they were always there and it is part of the abundance that was always there that I refused to see.

I am eager to get back to the webby this week; however, I will have to view the recording as I have a couple of Sunday commitments that are coming up.  I am a musician and it is the “most wonderful time of the year” for music.

I will also be moving to a hosted blog for my main site, although, the Master Key site may remain free.  I am interviewing several hosting companies that I have already met here at WordCampUs.

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Week 9- Inside Out

InsideOutThe Disney Pixar Movie that came out last summer is without a doubt, mandatory for viewing while in this course.  In addition to the very title of the movie being the very heart of what we are learning, it creates a great connection between the generations.  If you’ve ever been a parent or even a babysitter and had to deal with the silliness of a Disney movie, you are fully aware of the secondary levels that these movies use to connect to the adult…mostly in an entertaining way, but here…in the context of the Master Keys…it’s punch you in the face reality.

The greatest impact for discussion is the concept of core memories which are created with emotion.  This is exactly what we are doing.  While we may have millions of memories that are recorded for retrieval or dumping…a really interesting concept…the core memories are the foundation for our blueprint.  They were created with emotion and are the reason for doing everything that we do.  The belief at the outset of the movie is that we have to protect the positive core memories so that we can be happy.  Throughout the movie we find out that this Pollyanna approach to life has its limitations…particularly as we grow.  We need fear, sadness, disgust, and anger in a controlled mixture to really find our bliss.  I want the hills to climb so I can be strong, I want the world to challenge me so that I can lead, I want the wind in my face so I can fly.

One more cartoon parallel is our mental diet.  This is best illustrated by our train of thought ( a real train in the movie) that runs to and from our control center.  We have the capacity to make choices and use the emotions at our disposal to help us redirect the train when it leaves the station.  If it comes back loaded with crap, we have to replace it with…for want of a better word(s) “the right stuff”.

If you think that this movie is a waste of time if you don’t have kids, I urge you to reconsider.  It contains all of the right psychological jargon.

Also, I listened to Mark’s Thanksgiving message.  I have a gratitude journal and I am going to start my day with three things to be thankful for over the next 30 days.  This will certainly help with my mental diet.

To all those MKMMA members and their families, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Master Keys Week 8

Master Keys 8-19.  You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive creative thought.

Master Keys 8-3. Any line of thought persisted in cannot fail to produce its result in the character, health and circumstances of the individual.

This week, it has been these two quotes from Haanel that have challenged me.  I am dividing my life into my learning time and my real life time.  I’ve been doing the same job…more or less the same way for years and I find it hard enough to evaluate myself let alone people who don’t understand what I do…which I am coming to believe is a universal problem in the structure of a lot of organizations.

If I am truly going to move forward in this course, I have to live it on a daily basis.  I have to read, read again, listen and apply and I can’t neglect my sit.  This has to happen and I will show up for it.  Look at that…I am still saying “will”.  Really, I only say I show up from now on.  Forget the will…or I give myself the excuse to allow for the possibility that I won’t.  I show up.  I promise, and I always keep my promises.

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Diet Ideas

IMG_20151110_162824 Master Key

So, I felt really good this week.  I am beginning to feel healthier.  Problem is that we can’t predict what the world is going to throw at us.  This is my “before” picture.  One of the unfortunate side effects of a blood clot in your leg is that you just can’t really exercise well…and I need to because the extra weight is not good for me either.  So the idea of a diet and daily commitments to “Promise Keeping” is going to make things work for me.  I know that I have “tried” this before, but, this is really going to happen this time.

Additionally, I have been challenged by a little incident in the middle of the week.  During a light rainy day, when my daughter was home alone and decorating and raking leaves at our home, a large tree fell.  I have been concerned about this tree for some time, but the concern I have always had was that there was a maple tree that was planted by my father when my kids were born 25 years ago and I didn’t want it to be damaged.  As it was, it fell on this tree and crushed it.  While I am saddened by the loss of the tree, I am thankful that the maple tree was there to direct the fall of the tree away from my home.

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Love, love, love Week 6

So much has happened.  So much going on.  Scroll 2 seems to have come just in time.

I went back to my job this week.   I am a teacher and now I have to play catch up for the last 6 days.  Before I left, I had some time set aside to just be with myself.  I had the quietest little room away from the world where I could spend 40 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Here is where I focused.  Here is where I sat still and tried to control my body.  Now, I’ve lost that connection.  I miss it.

It is so easy for me to blame others for their “unreasonable” expectations.  I found myself getting angry and completely out of control on Thursday morning when I needed to print return address labels.  I live in a house with 8 printers…8 printers.  I tried quite a few before I settled on the laser, which was my last choice because I knew the paper feed tray was the weakest link on this machine.  Needless to say, the paper jammed inside.  While wrestling with the machine to try to access the inside, the printer fell off of it’s perch and hit the ceramic tile floor 4 feet below.  Now I have 7 printers.  The laser was the one I used for Master Keys.  grrr.  My frustration boiled over into anger and I didn’t like who I had become.

This week, Og talked about love in the second scroll.  This week, my pastor touched on love when he was preaching, and he gently mocked the Beatles notion that all you need is love.  My challenge for the week is that Love really isn’t that simple.  My first love has to be for me.  I have to own love to be able to give it away.  I’m struggling with that.  I have always played the victim and it’s a role that I want to give up.  The printer is dead because I killed it.  I didn’t love it to death.  At least I learned a lesson.  I left without printing what I wanted.  My day still went along ok.  I could’ve done without the morning festivities.  I drove to Atlantic City for the annual NJ teachers convention.  I went to only one workshop.  It was on WordPress.  I started to like me again.  As the workshop drew to a close, the presenter turned to me and said, “I have another workshop beginning in two minutes and I can’t get a way, can you go grab me a soda?”  I obliged.  As I went off, I wondered, why me?  Why not one of the other 12?  Maybe I’m beginning to grab a hold of it.  Maybe love changes your energy.  Fortunately, Og and I will spend 3 more weeks on this.

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Week 5 Opinions

Blogging without an opinion.

Yeah.  If I blog, there is going to be a revelation that when stated is personal and can come across as an opinion.  It’s been a tough week.  I have had to come to grips with a new medication, physical limitations, my promise card, and the fact that I may have to “not keep my promises”….

Perhaps it is because I want to keep my promises, but, I see that my health challenges this week could easily be looked at as an excuse to not complete my commitment.  Yes, I have had the opportunity to once again drop out of something or not complete something…but this is why I am here.  I’m here to do the job.  So, I worked even harder to keep my service card commitments.  I get to look around and see what I’ve accomplished and I like who I am becoming.

I am getting up with a new energy and vigor.  My physical limitations are not too bad now.  The press release that I chose has made me look back on the life that I haven’t had yet.  I have a new commitment now because I am writing my own history.  I’ve never married this with this kind of emotion before.  I am ready to move.

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