It’s a Wonderful Life

I think that the final scene in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the most emotional moments experienced by viewers of any movie. I think that the struggle for significance and love is universal. I hear so often from people that say, “if I had only known…”.

In that final scene, several things happened.

  • Uncle Billy said, “Mary did it…she went all over town…she told everyone…George is in trouble…”
  • People responded with
    • Stories of how they knew and loved George
    • Smiles on their faces
    • Giving whatever they could.
  • An Angel got his wings.

Life isn’t always full of love like the Bailey household. Family situations are not so scripted as to have only one “bad guy”. Victims of circumstance and such make it hard to pinpoint one problem and therefore one solution. When one person tries to help, they can get pulled down a vortex of pain and sorrow and depression and then detachment. All the while, the person struggling has more reason to believe that no one cares. Then the unthinkable happens…and we wonder,..where were her friends and family?

In this drama…I will be playing the part of Mary Baily. I am doing my 21st century version of scouring all over town to find the friends and let them know…George is in trouble. I am hoping that others will participate with me in this drama and respond.

I have responded with a phone call. This is a phone that was provided by my brother because George Baily’s phone was stolen by a relative and subsequently went after George’s funds. George has lost his money and has no place to live. George is also very sick. George is trying to recover but there is one thing that is very clear. George needs his friends now more than ever.

I am being cryptic with this story as it is a public blog post hidden in an old Word Press account. The reason is that I am keeping certain family members out of the loop here as some of them have chosen to victimize her…I mean George. I call George whenever I can. I will list the number in the FB Private Group. Do NOT include anyone from George’s family. The family is well aware of her…I mean George’s needs. Also, the only way to get George money is through Venmo. I had to establish an account for just this purpose. The idea here is not to be Sam Wainright and fix all of George’s trouble with one Hee Haw. I gave a little…and I call a little. If we all do the same…the little will add up…and before you know it…a bell will ring.

It’s time to get some wings.

About mmccausland2014

A retired music teacher. Living and learning in California.
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