Fake News Blue

I have been writing on a hosted blog and putting up some media. I had a little fun with this song.  Learning new skills is fun.  New skills here…harmonica and video production.  Any thoughts??

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Happy New Year MKMMA

Thanks to the Master Keys group and Mark J. for all of the experiences that I had in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance class.  I know this is late, but here is a Christmas wish for you Mark.

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Hosted Blog

Well, I have moved my Master Keys blog to a hosted blog.  I did not take advantage of the turnkey blog team and this is perhaps what has taken me longer.  I am still on the journey and I certainly care about the March to 3000.

I have purchased Master Key Arcana which is a book I found on Amazon that contains the lost chapters.  I have been reading this book…more like a book than the Og and Haanel read 3x a day plan.  This plus the fact that I didn’t get to join the continuation group right away will make it a different experience for me.  I have made commitments in my DMP to work with my daughter as part of a Mastermind Alliance and we have begun some projects together at the house.  This is great as both of us really need each other at this point.

I will be updating this blog and continuing to sing the praises of the Master Key Experience.  I will also include some of the changes that have taken place specifically because of this experience.

I hope that everyone’s journey brings them joy and please keep in touch.

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Week 21 I recognize the garbage in the river…

I have now seen that I have been pretending that I have been moving forward.  I realize now, that the garbage is still knocking me off course.  Now, I measure every step.  I have index cards everywhere that the river runs.  The flood comes in every day.  I have warned myself about the garbage.

Identified items and behaviors…TV (Mark warned about this), Electronics at bedtime, (Mark warned about this), Thoughts in the past linked to emotions, (Law of Dual Thought and Watchman falling asleep at the gate), losing sight of the main thing (DMP), allowing to repeat mistakes (Not running the blueprint).

There is yet another song not heard by many that comes to mind here.

You get bumped and bruised or worse for choosing the road less traveled

You know the reward is great if persist through the darkest battles

Open your eyes, your prize is right before you somehow,

Whatever you do, just don’t miss now.

Don’t Miss Now, by Downhere.

It’s my choice to make everyday.

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River of Dreams-Week 20

It seems like it’s been forever…I know, I haven’t made a post in a while.  Yes I know that it is a requirement.  Yes I know that I have no one else to blame.  Over the last several weeks I have been trying to remember the words from The River of Dreams.  In my job, I teach kids music.  I teach them to write it, to play it, to sing it…but really I haven’t taught them to appreciate it like I do in my own life.  I knew that I had a medley for Billy Joel tunes from the time that he had a Broadway Show called Movin’ Out.  Amazingly, the two songs included in this very short medley includes The River of Dreams and Keeping the Faith.

Although, Mark had talked so much about The River of Dreams…for me it is the first two lines of the song called Keeping the Faith.  It says

“It seems like I’ve been lost in let’s remember”

This is what keeps holding me back.  It is tied to emotions which I know is tied to thoughts, and I know that it is in my control.  My subby is killing me with this.  It’s time to keep the music playing that has a message for me.  Because…as Billy Joel says later on in the song…

“…the good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow’s not as bad as it seems.”

Bring on tomorrow!!

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Holiday Break

Distractions from MKMMA have creeped in to my life as well as the discipline in the daily reading.  This has been a troubling time for me as I know that I have not disciplined my time.  Additionally, I missed the PIF deadline.  When I realized…I quickly paid it and and it was accepted; however, it is not quick enough to unlock the account for today.

I will try to register for the link today but I don’t hold a lot of hope.  I hope that this can be resolved quickly.

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Week 12 Cards to Peptides to…my future!

It is amazing that everything that we do in life that is a great achievement seems to get pushed to the back of our consciousness and it is no one else doing the pushing but us.  I can’t believe how many things that I’ve forgotten about my path so far and how much work and commitment was involved.  Every time I get another memory the feelings of satisfaction increase.  When I focus on why it was so satisfying, it wasn’t the result or the accolades, it was the amount of work involved.  The work was the result of a conscious commitment and work was involved.  There was also a time constraint…usually imposed by some deadline that others created…but I agreed to nonetheless.

Now, I review these things daily and I can feel peptides coursing through me and moving me further ahead.  The new year looks quite bright.  I can’t wait for tomorrow as it offers me an additional today and some brand new “right nows” so I can make more promises that I keep.

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