Harmony with the Law

In chapter 1, verse 17 I found the following statement.

Mental efficiency is contingent upon harmony; discord means confusion; therefore, he who would acquire power must be in harmony with the law of his being.

I find myself quite often in a series of activities that have nothing to do with my goals at the time. In the morning and only in the morning, I am involved with trading of stocks. I stopped doing it for money almost a year ago. I was that bad at it. I still do it though because I know that it is my behavior and not the behavior of the market that brings me failure. Instead of adhering to a system of learning…I show up the nest morning in the same chaotic manner.

I have a Network Marketing business that I have been trying to start for years. I don’t because I am not in harmony with what I say I believe. If I truly believed it…I should be a success and instead I am in a state of suspended animation.

Today, I will be in harmony with who I want to be. I will be that person and all of my activities will align with that identity.


About mmccausland2014

A retired music teacher. Living and learning in California.
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