Erroneous and Fixed Ideas

Challenging Fixed Ideas.

As I turned 60 a couple of months ago, I need to realize that I just may be mortal. Yes, I have been concerned about my life and health for quite some time, but I have always felt like I have time. Now, I am probably over the hump. The hump you say? Yes. My Grandfather lived to 70 and my father lived until 88. I may be headed in the right direction here. Still, my health requires one prescription for the rest of my life and I would like to minimize getting any more.

Recently, my morning routine has been interrupted by a bump on my foot which began to give me pain. Realizing that I have had blood clots in my leg before, I immediately increased my blood thinner from prophylactic to therapeutic. A quick trip to the podiatrist seemed to have disproved this hypothesis. It appears that I have and have had a ganglion cyst on my foot for years.

Having had a ganglion of a much larger size on my leg and being aware of its nature, I know that this one that has been around for a long time will not leave me right away. The draining of the cyst followed by my impatience to “get back to normal” caused a weeklong problem with pain and swelling. Draining and surgical options are not promising at least to me and living with this problem is also not a good idea.

This led me to some research on the cyst and I have found that a low Vitamin D level can lead to the cyst. Adjusting your level can also lead to reducing the size of the cyst…aka healing. I had my Vitamin D levels checked and sure enough…they were low. So, I ordered supplements of this dangerous hormone. I say hormone…because that is what it is.

The levels recommended by the medical community are much lower than what I am shooting for here. There is a lot of literature that identifies many serious health issues that began in the 1980s and that was about the time that the Sun became public enemy number one. Since the Sun activates the hormone through contact with the skin, our desire to “cover up” and use sunscreen has essentially sent the wrong message to our bodies. It sounds plausible and it is worth investigating.

This morning during my bike ride, the introduction to Chapter 6 of The Master Key System talked about The greatest hinderance is erroneous and fixed ideas. As of today, I will start to safely increase my Vitamin D levels and make sure that I go out into the sun. If the cyst shrinks…well, maybe there is something to this. Still it challenges a fixed idea that I have been parroting for decades.

We’ll see. A month can’t hurt. Growing is taking a chance on possibilities.


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A retired music teacher. Living and learning in California.
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